I am so excited to finally put together this website. I struggle so much with perfection that it often leads to procrastination. But what really is perfection? When is the perfect time, or place? I say , “Its Now!” I don’t want to wait anymore for things to be my version of perfect. It is important to just do it and make adjustments along the way. There is so much to say, and do and so much that has been said and done that it becomes more and more difficult to begin. I struggle with events being out of sequence, but I am learning that the rules are simple. Since I make the rules, they can become more complex, even more simple or nonexistent. In any case, this is my story, this is my world, this is my website and the reason for the theme HerStory. It is much like History but of course I am female and this is my story from my point of view. Many life experience have formed my point of view opinions and lifestyle choices. I cannot wait to begin to explore them with you. Some of those choices have been great,some have been am amazing and some have been out right complete failures. Well, I guess I cannot say complete failures because through it all I have learned many life lessons. Many projects have been initiated and are still hanging in the balance. Many friends have come and many have gone. all in all this project has been years in the making and I am proud to begin this journal, this journey and it is a work in progress. Please feel free to interact. I appreciate the feed back.


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  1. Jeff says:

    Most journeys are work in progress. Sometimes the journey is best part with completed stops along the way. Who cares how long the journey takes?! Just as long as you keep moving forward and thinking about what you need to do to accomplish it. Keep up the great work!

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