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Kim Draughan http://www.kimdraughan.com This is HERSTORY in the making Sat, 03 Mar 2018 16:29:12 +0000 en hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.4 http://www.kimdraughan.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/cropped-MG_3954-dear-arabella-photo-shoot-motorcycle-favorite-1-32x32.jpg Kim Draughan http://www.kimdraughan.com 32 32 Its June ! http://www.kimdraughan.com/june2017/ http://www.kimdraughan.com/june2017/#comments Sun, 04 Jun 2017 20:27:57 +0000 http://www.kimdraughan.com/?p=1230 Good evening! I am so excited because I have been working on my website all weekend. Yes, I’m building it myself !!  You may have heard me say or hashtag #IDoMyOwnStunts and I mean this. Although I may not master all trades, I enjoy having a working knowledge of how things work. This is the first domain I purchased, but yet the hardest one to build. But thankfully, I am realizing understanding that it is okay to have a work in progress. This website should be like me… ever changing ! So as you view it in its incomplete progress understand appreciate and witness the growth. In no way would this website have been or remained the same as when I purchased it ,had I built it 8 years ago. I enjoy working within my own limitations and skills, and then pushing those limits and skills to higher levels. I am also learning  as I just do (action).. more evolves. Inspite of how procrastination is always hovering over my head like a dark cloud,  I cannot believe how much I accomplished and learned just by siting down to start. As you read this I hope it encourages you also to just start ..

Its June 2017 and June is my favorite month of the year. First and Foremost My birthday falls in June! Yep! I am a June baby born June 23,1970 in a Hospital called Beth Isreal in Newark, New Jersey the fifth of 6 children but the first daughter for Ronald Maurice and Anna Mae Draughan. Yes the only girl of 6 and I loved every minute of it. So yes although my birthday is in June interestingly enough, I rarely celebrated it formally. I was rasied as a Jehova’s Witness and holidays including birthay’s were a no no. I’m off track a bit  though, my religious upbringing is a whole other blog…although we did not celebrate my birthday formally, the thought of getting older and growing in strengh and knowlege was always something I anxiously awaited. Also, I must add, my grandparents were not Jehovah’s Winesses! So, presents and or clothing (needs) would conveniently appear before or after my birthday. Under no circumstances howerver, were they to be referred to as a birthday present. I also did not receive a birthday cake with candles on my birthday, but let me tell you my mother could bake! I mean at 4 am in the morning sifting flour and letting rolls rise, chopping walnuts, grating cheese, patato or carrots, juicing orange juice, using real butter , heavy cream sort of baker . I cannot remember a day with out a pie, cake, pudding, cookie something sweet every day. My aunts as well, my mom’s mother could also bake. So I didnt ever feel as though I missed any elements on the one particular day, as I had those elements (minus the candles) every day.

To stay on track though, I was speaking of the month of June. Ahh yes , June triggers memories of important changes, sweet endings and new beginnings and a sort of fun break in the year. I have often referenced to June to times similar to football, my favorite sport, by calling it things like,”the third quarter or welcome to the second half.” June is a great time to reflect upon the first half of the year for example, many have made resolutions for a new start or better beginnings at the start of the New Year. I personally enjoy updating that progress and revisiting goals set and met in the previous months and then setting an adjusted game plan for the “second half” .

Thoughts of June reminds me of  sweet endings and new beginnings for example when school let out for summer.There were changes of clothing needed to enjoy the summer  i. e. (summer clothes) which included bathing suit shopping, sandles new dresses. Ending spring and moving into summer, leaving a grade preparing for a new grade or graduation,  all led to feelings of accoplishment in June…completion . Growing up in New Jersey, there was so much inclimate weatherdue to the seasons, so summer was the time when you had maximum outdoor play time…well at least until the street lights came on. This was my socialite time. the time I got to go outside into the world play with the neighbors (worldly kids). I would organize games like red ligt green light, double dutch, mother may I , Jacks and kick ball. I loved to be entertained and to entertain the neighborhood. I guess also clean fun kept a lot of us out of trouble. Little miss bossy… yep that was me!  I guess my fate was sealed early . Clearly I was destined for the entertainment business I just didn’t really realize the signs or know what to do with them.

When it comes to June, I fall under the sign Cancer. It turns out also my birthstone is a pearl and much like the eveloution of a pearl from an oyster ,my life is unfolding into something precious.  Thank you for joinig me on this leg of this journey called life as I start the second half of 2017 and welcome with open arms… JUNE

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HerStory http://www.kimdraughan.com/her-story/ http://www.kimdraughan.com/her-story/#comments Tue, 02 Aug 2016 16:04:16 +0000 http://qantumthemes.com/music-wordpress-theme/boxed/?p=1 I am so excited to finally put together this website. I struggle so much with perfection that it often leads to procrastination. But what really is perfection? When is the perfect time, or place? I say , “Its Now!” I don’t want to wait anymore for things to be my version of perfect. It is important to just do it and make adjustments along the way. There is so much to say, and do and so much that has been said and done that it becomes more and more difficult to begin. I struggle with events being out of sequence, but I am learning that the rules are simple. Since I make the rules, they can become more complex, even more simple or nonexistent. In any case, this is my story, this is my world, this is my website and the reason for the theme HerStory. It is much like History but of course I am female and this is my story from my point of view. Many life experience have formed my point of view opinions and lifestyle choices. I cannot wait to begin to explore them with you. Some of those choices have been great,some have been am amazing and some have been out right complete failures. Well, I guess I cannot say complete failures because through it all I have learned many life lessons. Many projects have been initiated and are still hanging in the balance. Many friends have come and many have gone. all in all this project has been years in the making and I am proud to begin this journal, this journey and it is a work in progress. Please feel free to interact. I appreciate the feed back.


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Hello world! http://www.kimdraughan.com/blog/ http://www.kimdraughan.com/blog/#respond Thu, 18 Dec 2014 16:25:51 +0000 http://www.kimdraughan.com/?p=1 Well, Word Press was kind enough to get the ball rolling with the” Hello World!”  But I have to admit, the term is a bit intimidating . Just to think that when I hit the publish button, it is available for all eyes to see and critique and comment. Whew! What a great responsibility as a contemporary historian and activist.  I am often overwhelmed with the possibilities that the modern internet provide.  Like many however, I frequently procrastinate. Procrastination has always proven to escalate the problems and or just create additional ones. In turn, this makes the task so great, it becomes impossible to tackle… WELL . . .that is not all the way true. There have been tasks that I took so long to do, that technology had advanced so far, that the task was completed with easy and time saving options. Believe me, I am a fan of working smarter, and not HARDER !

With blogging there is not much way around working.  Aside from using the voice recorder option, and being able to do updates on my phone, at the end of the day the information is in my head and must be translated, or it does not get done.  I frequently tell myself,”That’s gonna be a great blog.”, and then nothing happens in the action department.  The art of acting  on impulse and then pushing that idea through to finish, is sometimes challenging.  I do realize that I have to put in the work or otherwise delegate it to be done. You have probably heard me say  ” #IDOmyOWNstunts”  or if you were a friend on Facebook ,you may have seen a post or two with the hash tag.  I like to continue to encourage people to take control of their dreams.  Eventually, you get tired of waiting on people and realize they have been waiting for you.

 Speaking of Facebook, it gets so easy to become reliant on social media. I won’t expand too much but it really has to do with a comfort zone. I just really became too reliant on this one social media outlet. It is important to use this medium but remember it is social media and there are a multitude of outlets to be use. I try to touch a couple different ones per day and now especially my own. Blogging is not comfortable, especially for my own website. But after awhile you begin to realize whose domain name you are building, and if it is not your own, then really why bother?   Whoa more pressure ?  no not really, Only self perceived, as I would hate to disappoint myself.  So Here I just begin from today. I cannot begin to worry about posts I didn’t get to, I may very well still get to it one blog at a time.

As of now, what has transpired is #HerStory and I may tell it in whole or part and disclose at my leisure.  I have learned that disclosure is an option and I may set the limits.  It will be a process and a journey for I have many doors sealed , but I look forward to sharing. Mom always said that I would be able to write a book one day. Anna Mae, this is just the beginning. I am quite rusty so please be forgiving and helpful … and I will strive to remain consistant this time, now that I think I have the hang of it ( Social Media ) that, and I finally invested in WiFi (a must), but yes I have done most work to date on a smart phone #iPhoneogrpher turned #AnDroidOgrapher like none other ! Most may find that hard to believe.  but wher ther is a will there is always a way.
So, To” Hello World ” I will add WELCOME, because it has taken me some years to arrive at this destination. I call it a Destination of Sorts but of course, a ride has truly ended. . .and yes another has begun.

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